Policy Policy

We have developed a clear cancellation and refund policy in order to give our customers the finest service and overall customer experience. We assign stages to each project to help us organize it.

Every project starts with a thorough analysis and the development of a work plan's framework. This document is made to guarantee that all parties are fully aware of the duties that must be completed and to lessen the possibility of cancellations, reversals, or conflicts

Refunds may not be possible for work that has already been finished because it takes time to complete each milestone and each segment

If a project ends mutually, the customer will own all completed work, and any payments made for additional development will be worthless. Any advance payment provided for this assignment may be compensated for the work completed up until the project's mutual termination.

Payments made after the client has accepted mockups and we start the design phase of the project are not refundable.

For projects that are in the middle of a key phase, there is no partial refund. The services rendered on special occasions by the marketing division of our organization are non-refundable. These deals have a set time limit and cannot be cancelled.

Although there are no refunds for SEO or digital marketing services, customers can cancel their subscriptions with at least 30 days' notice in writing.

If projects are cancelled or continue to operate for more than 30 calendar days, we are unable to refund any deposits or payments made.